Tuesday, May 3, 2011

From My Workshop IV.The Wave

Oil on canvas 2002.Available at Ausstellungsraum Celine und Heiner Bastian. Am Kupfergraben 10 Berlin 10117. t : view phone 49 (0)30 20 67 38 40. e : info@heinerbastian.de .Cataloged in
Galerie am Savignyplatz.Lars Gustafsson Bilder der Jahrhundertwende. Berlin 2003

This Wave is not produced by a wind.Hardly even a wake .It seems to raise from an otherwise calm lake surface. To my feeling there is something scary about this ,something of Aristotle's celebrous quote from Agathon:"It is probable that something happens against probability". (See my recent "Gegen Null.Eine mathematische phantasie."Secession Verlag 2011, Ch."Über eine Verführung durch die Erzählung")
But this is also a pictograph for the way an idea,a creative impulse, makes its way from God knows what abysses and breaks into the surface.
What lake ? The endless lake of the mind.Or the lake Stora Nadden in Västmanland,my childhood lake where I learned how to row and tried to sail with a rather unreliable rig of my own construction. The premontory in the background is easily recognizable as Hillersberget.

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Ausstellungsraum Celine und Heiner Bastian. Am Kupfergraben 10,Berlin 10117. t : view phone49 (0)30 20 67 38 40. e : info@heinerbastian.de
(The wave and some other of my best works available)

Galerie am Savignyplatz. Nehringstr. 29 14059 Berlin Deutschland 030/ 313 65 64 info@galerie-am-savignyplatz.de (Catalogues and some works available)

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  1. Underbar betraktelse över vattnets rörelse!

    Och TACK från hjärtat för poesi och bröd i kvällens Babel.