Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Disappearence of Ads

As the readership might have observed the ads have disappeared from Lars Gustafsson s Blog since beginning of February.This is not the expression of a policy on my part - I rather liked them even if the money -never paid out - seems to be microscopic.I liked to see an ad for furniture at the side of an article on forest devastation etc.

Anyhow,the ads disappeard as sudden as they had come and a careful research into the system, which consists in referring you from a webpage to the next ,in endless procession has given no rational answer.

Attempts at a rational explanation are welcome on this page.

Lrs Gustafsson Webmaster

1 comment:

  1. Hej Lars,
    Enklast är nog att du helt enkelt återaktiverar annonserna - genom att gå till fliken Mall/Template i Blogger och följa instruktionerna här:

    Ge det 24 timmar sisådär för att slå igenom - det brukar ta en stund för Googles robot att söka igenom dina inlägg och hitta lämpliga (eller åtminstone roande olämpliga :) annonser...