Friday, June 1, 2012

From my Workshop IX:The Soccer Players

 Oil on canvas 2002. Courtesy of Karin Gustafsson Collection,Austin, Texas.

             A Summer day in the beginning of the new century. A scent of  new-mewn grass in Austin´s lovely Silker Park,the lively voices of the young soccer players
and their supporters.Maybe a slowly approaching  storm at the horizon, - but still there is plenty of time.And the game spreads its koreographic pattern over the field not quite unlike the subtle wave patterns which rule in physics.
             Perhaps they are also games ?


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  2. Your painting shows football before it lost its innocence and became a multi-billion business, political platform and battlefield for nationalism. The football players in Austin seem to enjoy the game without the supporting hooligans and without industrial sponsoring. Yes, I can imagine that football (same as other outdoor physical activities, mountain hiking, swimming, bicycle riding) can still be a nice way to relax after work and to get our heads free of the stress caused by the highly technisized and demanding society.