Tuesday, June 7, 2011

From my Workshop V:The Lovers

Water-drenched oak,10 and 12 inches.2005.

Plato,In Symposion (190c-192) tells us,through the voice of Aristophanes how Man and Woman were created by Zeus,through the division of an original human being who was round and had four arms and four legs into two.This is used to explain ,not only the enormous force of physical love in general but lesbian and gay love as well.
Something of this sort happened in my workshop in Nyhyttans Village in the summer of 2005.I had a fine piece of old water-drenched wood and my original intention was to make a rather complicated sculpture - something "topological" containing surfaces of the second and the third degree.
The piece could not quite stand these ambitions and broke into two along a central (vertical) axis.
The remaining pieces ,which are of course now free to be moved around - like chessmen on a board - and to be put into an endless amount of positions in relation to each other.If put very close together they will prove to have parts where one fits into the other.
Thus my sculpture"The lovers" is not only a small sculpture group (10 and 12 inches high) but at the same time a game.Something which permits the expression of different mutual feelings between lovers depending on time of the day,mood and situation.

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