Monday, November 8, 2010

Start the Week

Message to the world:

BBC:s popular cultural program "Start the week" Monday November 8th features a discussion where a journalistt,two authors and Lars G.discuss the profounder moves of contemporary civilisation.


  1. Dear Lars Gustafsson,

    On the event of the 21st anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, together with a swedish friend of mine we translated your text "Länge leve det fria Berlin!" into german.
    I hope you don"t mind that I put it on my blog

    I will also try to send it as comment to your blog (I tried it once, but it failed, perhaps was too long)

    sincerely Michael Rosemann

  2. Hi, I am from Australia.

    Please find two related references which give a unique perspective of the state of the world altogether. One is about politics and culture, the other is about art, literature and culture.

  3. Bäste Lars! Jag undrar verkligen över en bagatell. Varför har du inget spatium vid skiljetecken?