Thursday, September 24, 2009

The afternoon of a Tiler in Bosnian

A beautiful volume;my novel "The afternoon of a Tiler" ("En kakelsättares eftermiddag") has just arrived in the Bosnian language"Jedno keramicarevo poslijepodne".Translator:Alija Fatic (with soft c which this stupid laptop of mine cannot produce).Publisher:CDOSTOVI

The little novel from 1991 is now accessible in some twentyfive languages.
But which is may be typical to the present slum conditions on the Swedish bookmarket,not accessible as Swedish paperback.

Generally I am looking for an intelligent solution of my paperback backlist in Swedish (there is no problem in more book-minded nations like Germany) and advice is welcome.

If worst comes to wors I shall place the whole bunch for free down-loading.

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  1. I enjoyed The Afternoon of a Tiler very much. To me, it was about the intrusion of life-giving absurdity into Life, and I just loved that. It should certainly be available in Swedish paperback edition. Advice? Isn't it rather obvious. For poetry still more so. For poetry at least internet, where Sweden is a Great Power indeed (about 15th in the Rank of Nations), is vastly superior to the book, actually. I have some experience myself. I have posted the whole bunch of my own poetry on the web, catching way on top of 100 000 confirmed readings, and in all it may very well be half a million by now or something like that. First in to corner the market, so to speak, and there's no money into it anyway, just glory, so what's the problem.